Signs You Need Furnace Repair

When your furnace goes out in the dead of winter, do not hesitate to phone a professional for repair. You do not want to spend an evening without heat but if the furnace fails to work, this is just what happens. Many signs indicate the need for Greensboro furnace repair. Pay attention to the signs and pick up that phone to call for professional help. When you get in touch with the experts, there’s no reason to endure those cold nights at home.

But, what are the signs that furnace trouble is on the way? Here are a few of the most common signs of danger:

·    There is poor air flow. If your home is colder than it should be, this could be caused by an air flow problem. Most often, the problem is due to a dirty air filter. Make sure that regular air filter changes occur to prevent dust/debris accumulation in the system.

Greensboro furnace repair

·    Is there a change in the costs of your heating bills? Decreased energy efficiency is yet another sign of a problem.  Maintenance service from the pros may very well be all that is necessary to reduce the heating costs once and for all.

·    Is the furnace making loud noises? Whether it is a loud banging noise, clunking, or other noises, it is almost always a sign that something is wrong. You can always expect some noises to come from the unit, but when it is unusual or strange noises, there is concern.

·    What’s that smell? When you smell a musty odor after tuning on the heating system, there is likely a problem, especially if the odor does not appear shortly after it is turned on.

·    Is the thermostat no longer functioning? A poorly operating thermostat is also a cause for concern and a sign that furnace trouble may already be present.